Instrument-technical playing problems, focal hand dystonia, hand overuse problems

The HBCM aims to analyze biomechanical and hand anatomical causes of problems with playing technique in instrumental playing. A specific focus group is musicians with hand and finger control problems, medically known as 'musician's focal hand dystonia'. The HBCM uses specialized hand function measuring equipment and motion registration to obtain quantitative information as a basis for the analyses. The HBCM is not a treatment center by itself, but provides biomechanical advice to the musician and/or to his/her treating medical specialist. Collaborating medical disciplines are (international) rehabilitation physicians, hand surgeons and neurologist specialists in movement disorders. 



The HBCM is a spin-off of advanced research in the still developing scientific field of basic and clinical biomechanics and hand function analysis in general and specifically in musicians. Therefore, research remains a prime objective of the HBCM. 


Knowledge transfer

The HBCM also aims to transfer specialized knowledge on hand biomechanics and functional morphology through scientific publications, books and collaborations with scientific and medical institutes.