Hand Biomechanics Center for Musicians


The HBCM is an independent center that offers consultative biomechanical analyses of problems with playing technique or hand control (focal hand dystonia) in playing an instrument. These analyses are based on new insights from fundamental biomechanical and functional anatomical research of the human hand and its functioning in tasks involving dexterity and finger independence.


The HBCM was founded by and is conducted by hand biomechanics specialist J.N.A.L. Leijnse, PhD, who as a scientist has been the main author in the development of this biomechanics. 


In past years various modalities were explored for establishing the HBCM, including in the Netherlands, among others in consultation with rehabilitation physician Kees Hein Woldendorp, MD, PhD, founder and medical coordinator of the Rehab Expertise Center for Music and Dance (RECMD-RF) at Revalidatie Friesland in Beetsterzwaag, the Netherlands (NL). Ultimately, for practical reasons, the HBCM was established as an independent Center in Aalst, Belgium, from where collaborations with the RECMD-RF and other (international) medical specialists and institutes are envisaged.